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The Farm

The Davis Farm was originally settled by Uriah Davis in the 1700's. Uriah came from England aboard the Convict Ship Papatsco, surprisingly as the captain, in 1732.

The farm has 80 acres of valley nestled between two Blue Ridge Mountains. The gentle slopes of the valley and three spring fed streams make this a unique and ideal area for growing the best hops.

The main field was a Cherokee Indian campground and many arrow heads and stone axes were found over the years where the two streams meet, thus, the name Sticky Indian Hops.

The original native hop, that sparked the hop farm idea, was used to make tonics and the whole cones were used as pillow stuffing to promote better sleep. We are currently moving the native hop rhizomes to better locations and will let everyone know if the hops turn out to be good for beer.

Cascade Hops
Grandma's cabin